Spiritual Moms

“Are you my mother?” “No, you are not my mother! You are a snort!” this excerpt is from one of Dr. Seuss’s books. Adult children can sometimes feel this way about their birth moms. And being a mom, sometimes I’d like to be the “snort”!

Yesterday at church I had the privilege of meeting this beautiful older woman who is a cancer survivor that was visiting our church. No, I’m not meaning good-looking beautiful. I’m meaning heart beautiful. In talking to her, she blessed me profoundly. In the course of chatting with her for a few minutes, I felt her nurture, her interest, and her blessing. I could just tell she was a spiritual mom! My spirit connected with her. I even went to bed last evening thinking about our encounter.

What is the importance of a spiritual mom? What do they do? Why are they needful? Titus 2:3&4 tells us that older women are to teach, to be an example that others can follow. Spiritual moms encourage, nurture, and bless.  A spiritual mom is any woman who helps others understand the heart of God and how to walk in that truth. Everyone needs a spiritual mom! They are gifts from God. Spiritual moms are compasses on the path of life, a mirror of Divine hope, cookies and milk, and walking chicken soup.

Who is your spiritual mom? If you don’t have one, find one. For more information and for helpful resources try these websites:






                                                                       Mine! We hear this every day in one form or another. Fact is, we probably use it     everyday in some way! I did it just this morning. After a rough night of being up multiple times with both of my kids I was just like the picture below- an elephant with boxing gloves on! I was tired and wanted my sleep. I was so grumpy I could hardly stand myself! In my heart, I knew I wasbeing selfish…BUT. .. (My mom says you always listen for after the  “but” because that’s when the truth comes out:)) I desperately felt that  MY right to sleep and have a peaceful night were certainly taken advantage of!  I begged God to help me with my attitude. After numerous times of falling asleep and waking up, sure enough, my attitude did begin to soften.

I really began to think after reading in a book about the entitlement mentality which gets us into significant amount of trouble! Mine! How often do we do this with God? He asked to come into our hearts and we were the ones to invite Him in but then when He asks us to surrender something we say “mine!”. Doesn’t He remember how obedient I am in other areas? I’m doing what He asks of me by loving my husband, staying at home with my kids,  and providing a safe place for my children.  Do I say “no” I am entitled to at least control my schedule, circumstances,  or my money? I’ll go visit the women in prison, is that good enough, God? Each small compromise is what brings a person crashing down.  When we surrendered our lives to God, we were giving Him our ALL. Each time this creepy, entitled thinking “mine” makes future   “no’s” easier. Each “mine” reinforces your entitlement. Every “mine” is a self-willed, self-justified rebellion. Sad to say, I find this too often in my life! I rebel at giving up my plans for the day. I rebel at the thought of loving in an open , vulnerable way because what if I will get hurt? The “mine” mentality has a million and one “legitimate” excuses for not doing what God is calling us to do! The sooner we learn there is no bargaining with God, the better off we are.

How do we go from a “mine” mentality to a “God” one? It begins with repentance. Acknowledging our rebellion and trying to handle life on our own. It then goes to choosing. Choosing to embrace God  and His Word and plan for our lives even if it starkly contrasts with what we wanted, we expected our lives to look like. It means leaning into the Father heart of God, even if all of our emotions are screaming against it.  This is a call to action. Acting on the promises of God , for me personally.

Questions to ponder today. How do you display the entitlement mentality? Is God asking me to surrender something that I’m trying to bargain with Him instead? What does action look like for me?

Wishing you God’s richest blessings to each of my readers, today!

Choice to Believe

“Daddy, ate my bellybutton!”

“Mommy, could you babysit my husband and children for me?”

“Come see Baby Jesus!”

These sincere statements were made by my two loveable believing children. I find it fascinating how they just soak up life around them just as the ground is currently soaking up the rain. Talking about rain, this dreary weather eats at my soul. These gray days somehow stir something deep within me. I choose to believe that the sun will shine again. I choose to believe that I have something to offer those around me. I choose to be vulnerable, to risk, to get hurt knowing that in this is where true femininity lies. Satan wants us to live out of the lies we believe. Lies about our worth. Lies about what femininity is. Lies that to be  meek one has to be weak.

Have you ever noticed how children have no reservations about whether or not they will be accepted? They bring themselves anticipating and open. This was beautifully portrayed the other week by my daughter at a family gathering. She found another little girl her age and took her by the hand and went running across the gym. There was no reservations despite the fact that this other little girl and herself had very little in common.

To be like my daughter and believe that I have something good that others need, is to embrace what God’s plan is for all women specifically Godly women. How is God calling you today to embrace His plan of femininity for your life? I’d love to hear from you!

Just 4 Fun~ Shaving Creme Finger Paint

Cure for the cabin fever. Try this simple recipe for some kid-friendly fun.

What you will need:

1 or more cans of shaving cream (not gel)

assorted food coloring

some paper for a canvas

Squirt several different piles of shaving cream into a couple of small bowls. Add a few drops of food coloring to each bowl. Give each child a piece of paper or styrofoam plate to use as a canvas. Let your imagination soar by using toothpicks, forks, etc for painting. You can also warm the can of shaving cream up in some hot water before squirting into individual bowls as this can help soothe a cranky child. To make this even more fun, dress kids in their swimming suits and put them in the bathtub. This makes clean up a breeze and they absolutely love it!  Be sure to wash up after finished with this project to avoid skin irritation.  Note: This is not a good idea for kids that will put their fingers into their mouths to taste it. For these kids, try aerosol whipped cream.

Pixie Stick or Jumbo Snicker Bar?

We had the blessing of going to a wedding this past weekend. We got to sit near the back where we had the privilege of observing everyone who walked out. I was amazed how many of the young ladies were pixie stick thin. I was exclaiming over it and lamenting to my husband how I wish I were like that. Instead, I’m more like a rotund snicker bar that includes the caramel, nuts, and calories! I declared that if I were skinny like that, I would most certainly be content. My husband then challenged me to write a fifty word minimum of where true identity comes from. So here it is…

“Body Image and Identity”

Does body image affect one’s identity? On one hand, I think it does to one extent. Simply meaning that when I honor God through taking care of my body and watching my weight, I do feel better about myself.  Healthy body image is viewing one’s self as God views him or her. Secure in their role whatever that might be. Healthy body image means that one’s feelings, thoughts, and opinions are basically positive about their bodies. Yikes! I don’t know about you but I rarely enjoy standing in front of the mirror admiring how fearfully and wonderfully I am made. Why is this? I have embraced lies about my core value. Lies such as if I were skinnier others and myself would find me more acceptable, more appealing. Truth is God made me this way and He finds me loveable. In Him, I am accepted. He created me tall and solid. Even if I weigh 30 pounds more than when I got married, in Christ my value hasn’t changed. God does love when I take care of my body through healthy diet and consistent exercise. I choose to honor my Creator through diet and exercise, knowing that in food I will never find the lasting comfort that I am ultimately able to find in HIM!