Hello World!

Hello friends! Welcome to my world! As a mom, I have many moments to extend grace. This morning when I asked my daughter to empty the dishwasher, her response was “Mommy, I can’t because I don’t have a freckle!” I think this excuse would top the excuse list!

But then, my mind goes to the Gospel of Luke 14:16-24 where Jesus tells us the story of the man who invited people to supper. Each person who had a special invitation promptly made an excuse. One of the invited guests had bought land and needed to see it. Another had bought oxen and needed to test them. And the third had gotten married.
Wow! Which of these is a legitimate excuse? The thought provoking question for today is: How many times when Jesus asks something of me do I have an excuse? What would be my excuses? I’m too busy. I already don’t get done what I need to do. My kids are cranky. There’s no money in the budget. Oh, and my house isn’t clean. I doubt these would pass the test. In fact, when we are called by God to do something, does any excuse count as viable?

The parable goes on to tell us that the host commanded his servants to go out into the highways and byways and bring in the needy, the bums, the people with less than stellar reputation. I’m not sure about you but these are the people I tend to shy away from. What about the germs? What about the influence? What about ..?

Hear the heartbeat of the host! “That my house may be full!” That is the cry of Jesus! Recently my daughter has been playing that she is having a “needy supper”. Somehow in her innocence it speaks to me. This is what Jesus wants from me. I am the one that was poor and maimed and blind. What is God’s heart for you today?

One thought on “Hello World!

  1. twila king says:

    hey dear,
    wow.. i was so challenged by what you wrote! about not being too busy for God!! it was so what i needed to hear! i love your positive outlook on life! blessings, twi

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