Boundaries on the Map Called Life

Boundaries…yikes! Boundaries and priorities have  been on my mind lately. What are good boundaries? When to say “no”? When to say “yes”? With my spontaneous personality, boundaries and priorities is the places where I can quickly hop right into the frying pan. If I am too busy for God #1 or my family #2, then somewhere my boundaries and/or priorities are askew.

What does this look like fleshed out? My relationship with God must have first place, the place of honor and esteem. Do I know WHO God really is?

Is my family, priority #2? First of all, this means my husband. Is his expectations being met? Have we had time for emotional intimacy? What about physical intimacy? What about spiritual intimacy? Then to my children, are they secure  being 3, 10, or 15 years old? Are they having healthy meals, clean clothes, and a peaceful atmosphere?

If there’s a “no” to any one of those questions, it is high time for me to evaluate my boundaries and priorities! This is especially true if I’m busy investing other places being busy running to this legitimate thing and that legitimate thing. Its so easy to feel like one “should” do this or that for a friend or for an extended family member but the “should” is the key word. Getting rid of the “should do’s” in one’s life will release a lot of pressure and help insure good boundaries.

A “yes” to the questions above means that I am having healthy boundaries, healthy priorities, and healthy relationships. I can then reach out to others pouring into them what I’ve been blessed to receive.

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