Pixie Stick or Jumbo Snicker Bar?

We had the blessing of going to a wedding this past weekend. We got to sit near the back where we had the privilege of observing everyone who walked out. I was amazed how many of the young ladies were pixie stick thin. I was exclaiming over it and lamenting to my husband how I wish I were like that. Instead, I’m more like a rotund snicker bar that includes the caramel, nuts, and calories! I declared that if I were skinny like that, I would most certainly be content. My husband then challenged me to write a fifty word minimum of where true identity comes from. So here it is…

“Body Image and Identity”

Does body image affect one’s identity? On one hand, I think it does to one extent. Simply meaning that when I honor God through taking care of my body and watching my weight, I do feel better about myself.  Healthy body image is viewing one’s self as God views him or her. Secure in their role whatever that might be. Healthy body image means that one’s feelings, thoughts, and opinions are basically positive about their bodies. Yikes! I don’t know about you but I rarely enjoy standing in front of the mirror admiring how fearfully and wonderfully I am made. Why is this? I have embraced lies about my core value. Lies such as if I were skinnier others and myself would find me more acceptable, more appealing. Truth is God made me this way and He finds me loveable. In Him, I am accepted. He created me tall and solid. Even if I weigh 30 pounds more than when I got married, in Christ my value hasn’t changed. God does love when I take care of my body through healthy diet and consistent exercise. I choose to honor my Creator through diet and exercise, knowing that in food I will never find the lasting comfort that I am ultimately able to find in HIM!


One thought on “Pixie Stick or Jumbo Snicker Bar?

  1. Melissa Stoltzfus says:

    O Darlene this made me laugh (n i needed sumthng to laugh about cause my day is not going very well) Trust me pixie sticks can hav just as bad “self image” of themselves as snickers….

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