Choice to Believe

“Daddy, ate my bellybutton!”

“Mommy, could you babysit my husband and children for me?”

“Come see Baby Jesus!”

These sincere statements were made by my two loveable believing children. I find it fascinating how they just soak up life around them just as the ground is currently soaking up the rain. Talking about rain, this dreary weather eats at my soul. These gray days somehow stir something deep within me. I choose to believe that the sun will shine again. I choose to believe that I have something to offer those around me. I choose to be vulnerable, to risk, to get hurt knowing that in this is where true femininity lies. Satan wants us to live out of the lies we believe. Lies about our worth. Lies about what femininity is. Lies that to be  meek one has to be weak.

Have you ever noticed how children have no reservations about whether or not they will be accepted? They bring themselves anticipating and open. This was beautifully portrayed the other week by my daughter at a family gathering. She found another little girl her age and took her by the hand and went running across the gym. There was no reservations despite the fact that this other little girl and herself had very little in common.

To be like my daughter and believe that I have something good that others need, is to embrace what God’s plan is for all women specifically Godly women. How is God calling you today to embrace His plan of femininity for your life? I’d love to hear from you!


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