Mine! We hear this every day in one form or another. Fact is, we probably use it     everyday in some way! I did it just this morning. After a rough night of being up multiple times with both of my kids I was just like the picture below- an elephant with boxing gloves on! I was tired and wanted my sleep. I was so grumpy I could hardly stand myself! In my heart, I knew I wasbeing selfish…BUT. .. (My mom says you always listen for after the  “but” because that’s when the truth comes out:)) I desperately felt that  MY right to sleep and have a peaceful night were certainly taken advantage of!  I begged God to help me with my attitude. After numerous times of falling asleep and waking up, sure enough, my attitude did begin to soften.

I really began to think after reading in a book about the entitlement mentality which gets us into significant amount of trouble! Mine! How often do we do this with God? He asked to come into our hearts and we were the ones to invite Him in but then when He asks us to surrender something we say “mine!”. Doesn’t He remember how obedient I am in other areas? I’m doing what He asks of me by loving my husband, staying at home with my kids,  and providing a safe place for my children.  Do I say “no” I am entitled to at least control my schedule, circumstances,  or my money? I’ll go visit the women in prison, is that good enough, God? Each small compromise is what brings a person crashing down.  When we surrendered our lives to God, we were giving Him our ALL. Each time this creepy, entitled thinking “mine” makes future   “no’s” easier. Each “mine” reinforces your entitlement. Every “mine” is a self-willed, self-justified rebellion. Sad to say, I find this too often in my life! I rebel at giving up my plans for the day. I rebel at the thought of loving in an open , vulnerable way because what if I will get hurt? The “mine” mentality has a million and one “legitimate” excuses for not doing what God is calling us to do! The sooner we learn there is no bargaining with God, the better off we are.

How do we go from a “mine” mentality to a “God” one? It begins with repentance. Acknowledging our rebellion and trying to handle life on our own. It then goes to choosing. Choosing to embrace God  and His Word and plan for our lives even if it starkly contrasts with what we wanted, we expected our lives to look like. It means leaning into the Father heart of God, even if all of our emotions are screaming against it.  This is a call to action. Acting on the promises of God , for me personally.

Questions to ponder today. How do you display the entitlement mentality? Is God asking me to surrender something that I’m trying to bargain with Him instead? What does action look like for me?

Wishing you God’s richest blessings to each of my readers, today!


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