Spiritual Moms

“Are you my mother?” “No, you are not my mother! You are a snort!” this excerpt is from one of Dr. Seuss’s books. Adult children can sometimes feel this way about their birth moms. And being a mom, sometimes I’d like to be the “snort”!

Yesterday at church I had the privilege of meeting this beautiful older woman who is a cancer survivor that was visiting our church. No, I’m not meaning good-looking beautiful. I’m meaning heart beautiful. In talking to her, she blessed me profoundly. In the course of chatting with her for a few minutes, I felt her nurture, her interest, and her blessing. I could just tell she was a spiritual mom! My spirit connected with her. I even went to bed last evening thinking about our encounter.

What is the importance of a spiritual mom? What do they do? Why are they needful? Titus 2:3&4 tells us that older women are to teach, to be an example that others can follow. Spiritual moms encourage, nurture, and bless.  A spiritual mom is any woman who helps others understand the heart of God and how to walk in that truth. Everyone needs a spiritual mom! They are gifts from God. Spiritual moms are compasses on the path of life, a mirror of Divine hope, cookies and milk, and walking chicken soup.

Who is your spiritual mom? If you don’t have one, find one. For more information and for helpful resources try these websites:





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