The Plight of Women Around the World

Women face many plights around the world. Here are some very recent statistics and stories.


A woman was recently strangled to death for giving birth to a second girl instead of a boy her husband wanted.

In a forced marriage between a thirty year old man and a  fifteen year old girl. The girl was kept in the basement of her in-laws house and brutally beaten and starved for refusing  to prostitute herself at his demands. All her fingernails were also missing when she was found.

A woman; after telling the facts that her cousin’s husband had raped her, was sentenced to 12 years in prison. She became pregnant from the rape. To lessen the prison sentence, her only option was to marry her rapist becoming wife number two or more.


The suicide rate for young girls in India is ten times higher than the world’s average.

More than 7,000 women a year are doused with kerosene and burned to death by their husbands because of an insufficient dowry.


Women are prisoners in their own houses. They are not permitted to go anywhere by themselves except to a doctor’s appointment.

According to Sharia law, girl can be married off at 13 years of age and boys at 15 but it can be younger than that with court permission.

Because she was a girl, a five year old was burned by her father leaving her blind and was then abandoned by both of her parents.

If a girl refuses to marry a young man, it is not unusual for him to throw acid in her face disfiguring her for life. The reasoning being if I can’t have her I will make it so nobody will want her.

Southeast Asia:

An estimated 200,000 to 255,000 women and children are trafficked per year with 40 to 55 thousand being imported to the United States.

Women are expected to bear children until the desired number of sons are born.

Women are paid less than men for the same amount and quality of work.


Sudan holds the highest per capita rate in the world for human trafficking. It also one of the poorest countries in the world with radical Islams controlling the nation.

A woman in South Africa is killed every six hours by her male partner. The highest statistic in the world of its kind. One in four are survivors of domestic violence.

Most girls are between 5 and 16 when they are forced into prostitution.

Central and South America:

Women are the workers of the family.

It is okay for the husband to have multiple and many affairs, and its even expected but alas, to the women who do the same!

United States:

Every 15 seconds a woman is battered.

Between 2.3 and 10 million children observe violence against an intimate partner.

1 in 5 high school aged girls have been physically or sexually exploited on a date.

1 in 3 Americans have witnessed an act of domestic violence with 95% of the victims being women.

1 in 5 women will have been raped in their lifetime.

These are statistics are heartbreaking! Has it affected you? It’s so easy to go on living our jolly lives as though nothing is happening. After all, this hasn’t affected us, at least not yet. Dear friends, we can NOT afford to remain silent about things that matter!!! God holds us accountable. What will you do? How do you make a difference? We are not called to change the world, only to impact one life at a time.

What can you do? What can I do?

1. PRAY~ Pray hard for all the innocent girls and all the hurting women around the world. These women are found in your neighborhood and even in your own churches! We are fighting against the powers of Satan! In Jesus Name, we need to bring the powers of darkness down!!!

2. Reach Out~Women need radical Christian women mentors! What is often found, is that men are unable to minister to women at their places of need as well as women who have found freedom for themselves.

3. Support Ministries to Hurting and Battered Women~In the USA, there are many battered women shelters who desperately need the basic necessity donations. As someone who coupons, I donate items that I get for a bargain to these places. I bake different times and take freshly baked goods into the shelter. The ladies there are thrilled with even the simplest as many of these dear ladies have left all they had simply with the clothes on their backs.

4. Ask God specifically for what He wants you to do about the plight of women around the world.

5. Encourage the men in your life to be men of integrity, to be men of God. Pray for them often!

The following ministries are excellent.

Ransom Ministries • Institute for Global Opportunities

Ransom Ministries offers hope to women from the redlight district of Chiang Mai,Thailand.

Women Reaching Women – Gospel for Asia

World Vision Donations: Girls & Women…

Donate to help exploited girls and help prevent the exploitation of women

Interesting video clip on this website:


2 thoughts on “The Plight of Women Around the World

    • There is one in every county close to here. If you look under and follow the links for your county. All you do is talk to the supervisor. I don’t even always do that. They are glad for even the basic donations. If you want to invest more they are glad if people bring in homemade meals but then you have to fill out a volunteer application.

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