Boredom Buster Thursday~Indoor Beach

If your children are anything like mine, these winter days are LONG and can get boring! Here is a simple boredom buster that will keep them entertained for quite a while! All you will need is the following items:

1 kiddie pool

large tarp


beach towels

Place tarp on kitchen floor or other non-carpeted area. Concrete is best such as a heated garage or basement. The tarp is to help catch water and assist in clean-up. Next place kiddie pool on top of tarp. Fill with warm water. Give kids water toys. Have beach towels ready for extra large splashes or to dry children off when finished. This idea can be taken to great extent…make it more fun by setting up beach chairs, have sunglasses and cold soda or snacks available, etc. Caution, surrounding pool area is slippy when wet. And remember NEVER, NEVER, NEVER leave children unattended for any amount of time!!! Be safe and have fun!

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