Alone~Remembering Those in Affliction

My husband just got back after being gone five days on a ministry trip. Those were a very long five days. And oh the things that you miss when your loved one isn’t there! We had restless nights, tears, and fears. Daddy is a protection for my kids and since he is very much involved in their lives they missed him extra much!

My mind went to all the widows and widowers and even the single moms that surround us in our churches and our neighborhoods. How do they cope? What does it mean for them knowing that their loved one isn’t coming back? Or when they do come back they bring so much pain? Even though I had friends that hung out with me, I felt alone, as though I had absolutely nothing to give. Then a dear friend who is a widow reminded me that God is giving her special grace that I don’t need or have right then.

The Bible says in James 1:27 that “Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.” How do we keep this verse? Here are some things to remember:

~Evenings and nights can become very long and achingly empty especially when nightfall comes early.

~If there are young children involved, the parent is eager for adult conversations.

~At times of decision, the adult will need a listening ear to bounce things off.

~Financially; many individuals who find themselves alone for one reason or another with a family find some of the basic responsibilities such as mortgage/rent, auto repair/transportation bills, and medical/insurance bills difficult or almost impossible to pay.

~Compassion, honesty, courage, and respect are basic needs of every individual and especially those who are alone.

Ask the Lord, how you can reach out to the hurting alone parents and those who find themselves widows or widowers. Here are some ideas to get you kick-started.

~Bring in pizza and play games some evening

~Dairy Queen and ice cream cones go hand in hand

~Picnics at the park

~Pay a bill that you know they have

~A listening, compassionate ear is priceless

~Visit the grave and lay flowers in memory of that person’s loved one


~Provide free child-care

~Time and more time

~Prayer, lots of intercessory prayer on behalf of them

God has called each of us to reach out to the lonely and widows and single parents around us of which there are so many. May God bless you richly as you do this!


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