God’s Love Language~Time

Do you know what your love language? How about your spouse, friends, or children, what are their love languages? I also find it quite fascinating to sit in a ladies Sunday School class or small group and try to figure out what their love language is. Here’s a dare: try it sometime and see how close you are. The five love languages are:

~acts of service



~physical touch

~words of affirmation

Being the complicated individual I am, I’ve got more than one. My two favorites probably are time and words of affirmation. Everyone has a love language, fascinating beings that God has created. God also has love languages and one of His is time which is the one I want to focus on today.

Time is one of Father God’s love languages. I find for myself that spending time with God is a lot like an exercise program. The “fun” stage quickly wears off and it requires discipline to maintain. But those who stick at it through the tough times find that it pays off. It eventually becomes fun and easy and rewarding.

One thing that my husband has developed and I anticipate it each morning is, that before he goes to work he spends time reading the Bible and then he writes out a prayer and inspirational thoughts that he has gleaned through studying. He then lets it at the breakfast table that I can be nurtured through it as well. This is an excellent way of spending time with the God. And when we right down that nugget of truth for the day, it stays with us longer.

Another valuable tip of time with the Father, is sharing what God is teaching us. This could be through an accountability person or sharing a testimony with a complete stranger. Whatever it is, this is very basic at growing our Christianity because when we are quiet we become discouraged and bored.

Why is spending time with God important? Spending time with God is vital to one’s walk and fellowship with Him. When we become negligent in our time in the Bible, our potential to be deceived is phenomenal! We begin embracing things that sound correct with out filtering what we are hearing through the lens of Scripture. Thus when we don’t spend time in God’s Word and with God’s people our eternal destiny can even be impacted.

God wants to be our Father-our Daddy God. Imagine if you had a child and they wanted absolutely nothing to do with you or at the least, very little.  Maybe when they wanted something then they could give you the time of the day but otherwise you weren’t worth their attention. The God of the universe has deeper and greater longings than we have or ever will have for us, His created image.

I’d like to hear from you, my readers. How do you nurture your relationship with God? How do you make quiet time happen?

For more information and fascinating quizzes, etc on the different love languages, check out the following website.



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