Letters to Dad

view detailsHere are two letters to two fathers written from the perspective of two little girls. Which kind of father have you had? What kind of father does your daughter have?

Dear Dad,

I am your daughter but I know so little about you. I see you at dinner and perhaps sometimes at breakfast or lunch but otherwise you are so busy with your life. You are  busy making money so that I can have nice clothes, food, and even elite private schooling. In the evening you are so tired you don’t have energy to play with me. Did you know that between 3 and 5 years old are the most important in my life? I wish that you would spend time with me playing Candy Land or play dough. I long for hugs and kisses and pats on the shoulders! When I don’t get these I wonder what is wrong with me. Don’t you like me? Did I do something bad? You are a very quiet man. I don’t know what you are thinking. Did I do my job right? I like that sometimes you help me with the dishes that tells me you must like me at least a little. Although we have family devotions, they are boring and long. You don’t seem that interested in it either. Did you know that I’m forming my opinions of God and of all men by watching  you? I love you Dad! You won’t ever know how very important you are to me! I want you!

                                                                                   ~from your, daughter

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Dear Dad,

I am your daughter. I am thrilled to have you for my daddy. I like that you include me in your activities like when you go fishing. I know that you discipline me sometimes  but it’s never ugly. Sometimes you make mistakes and talk to me in a rough way and then you say you are sorry. This helps me know that it is okay for a person to make mistakes and that true men apologize for the wrongs they commit. I find a lot of my security in you. Because you are not afraid of me, I know what a healthy relationship is with words of affirmation, proper touch, and even gifts. When you gave me that box of chocolates, I knew I was your little princess. Thank you for giving me a picture of what God is like and teaching me what Godly men are like. I know these things because of you. I love you!

                                                                           ~from your daughter

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