Uncover Bargains!

Emoticon with sale sign I absolutely love a good bargain! Yesterday I had the privilege of going shopping with my mom. There was stuff we needed but I so wanted to spend God’s money responsibly and honor my husband; as well as providing for our little brood. I was thrilled to find that on one of my transactions I had a savings of 80%! That is truly exciting when you actually need what you’re getting while you are at it! There were many stores that had their winter items with hefty markdowns. After searching through many racks and shelves I felt like I hit the jackpot today although I was very weary from it. After all shopping is hard work, right?

God’s Word is just like going shopping and finding great treasures! Some of those treasures have to be dug for and meditated upon. Seeking and searching daily in God’s Word is powerful. It’s not for nought that Scripture tells us to think on those things which are above. What your soul feeds on, is exactly what you become. I don’t think I want to become my internet or my books or Facebook or gossip or…and the list goes on.

Yes, we have all those seemingly legitimate excuses but alas, if we don’t spend time with Him now how do we expect to spend time with Him in heaven? Recently I’ve been really convicted on this. If God spent as much time with me as I do with Him and called me His friend, I would be like “Whoa, you aren’t my friend. I hardly know you. We never spend time together.”  I don’t think our excuses are good enough. One of people’s famous excuses for not having a daily walk with God is the excuse that they do not have time. Everyone finds time for what is important to them! This is sobering. What are we valuing?

Today my challenge for us is to spend time digging into God’s Word. Keep looking until you come away with at least one treasure. One thing that you can take with you through out the day.


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