Fanta Orange Soda Fraud

Four different colored bottled beverages

Yesterday I had the delightful opportunity to get stuck with a needle. I was getting tested for gestational diabetes so at the lab they give you this fantastic orange flavored drink that tastes as though it was a can of Fanta orange soda that had been open for a number of hours past its prime. Well, you swallow this stuff and then the phlebotomist sticks you. This orange drink looks relatively real. In fact, it just tastes like really stale soda. And when you happen to be thirsty and like the bubble of authentic soda this orange “stand in”  hardly fits the bill!

Life is full of counterfeit “orange sodas” except they aren’t called orange soda. In fact the Bible calls out many warnings about imposters.

Matt.6:24 “Take heed that no man deceive you…”

Eph.5:6 “Let no man deceive you…”

2Thes.2:3″Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first…”

These are only three verses about being on guard and deception. It’s very sobering all the counterfeits that we are offered on a daily basis. We need to be in connection with God and familiar with Scripture or otherwise we will become lunch for the devil.

What are the imitations Satan especially offers women? Consider these: money, popularity, food, surface relationships,  counterfeit affections(sex, drugs, alcohol,), food, possessions, and even pseudo religions. I have yet to find that chocolate or money has met the longings of my soul. In fact, afterwards a realization hits that I’ve gotten burnt again. I’ve got the calories or the accessories now along with the guilt.

Get familiar with Scripture! Things can sound ever so right but be totally wrong. This is why deception can happen so easily. It’s also vital to be connected to a Biblical body of believers. It’s when we aren’t connected that we burn out and evil can set in.

In our hearts there is a deep, deep longing for Father God. I’ve often found myself describing it as a “Grand Canyon” size ache that refuses to be filled by anything here on earth. Trust me, I’ve tried filling it and it doesn’t work! The ache for heaven and the ache for relationship with God will never be filled by anything but God! Seeking after God’s heart is the best decision anyone can make!

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