Got Balance?


The picture above was from last winter’s snow when we were sledding. It shows how we can go flying off our “saucers” while we are sledding. It so vividly displays what is on my mind today.

As women and especially as moms, it is easy to find ourselves out of balance in one area of our life or another; that is, if you are at all like me. What does balance mean? The definition of balance is “keep or put (something) in a steady position so that it does not fall”. Does steady describe most of your life? Finding balance in life is an important and attainable goal. When life feels out of control it is often because we are not  aligned with God’s priorities for our lives.

Balance brings harmony to ourselves and those around us. How do we accomplish balance?

1. Discover what your priorities are. Are they God-centered? Spend time in prayer and ask Him what He desires you to have as your priorities. Each person’s list will look somewhat different. If something does not align with your priorities, you will know it is time to say “no”.

2. Organize! Have a schedule. Children find much security in a scheduled life knowing what they can expect at a given time in a given day. Plan time for God and yourself in your daily schedule. Don’t allow someone else’s poor planning to become your emergency or priority.

3. Flexibility. With young children, this one is especially vital! Accept that unplanned and necessary things will pop up in your day. Relax your standards. Things don’t have to be perfect!

4. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Routines. Make sure this includes taking care of your emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical health. This not only includes yourself but those you are responsible for. If you have a spouse and family talk this over with your family and come up with your plan of action.

5. Support networks. Having friends is vital to having balance in one’s life. Friends that will keep you accountable. Friends that have common priorities. Friends that love you even when life gets difficult.

6. Simplicity. Simplify your furnishings in your house. Simplify your schedule. Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. Cut things out of your life that you find draining, if possible. Realize that your worth is not found in how many things you do or how busy you are but in how rich and meaningful your life is.

I’d love to hear from you; my readers! How do you achieve balance in your life?

One thought on “Got Balance?

  1. cmy238 says:

    I really have enjoyed your encouraging words on this post! As far as balance in my life…scheduling is my secret to running a household! Children thrive on schedules! We have schedules for school, meals, cleaning day, etc. My husband and I try to have a date night at least twice a month…this allows for us time to connect w/o children! It’s hard to talk about adult issues while a toddler is pulling on your skirt! I also agree with the simplicity rule! If it causes stress…get rid of it! This includes clutter!!! I can’t stand clutter. I’m constantly donating clothing, etc. to Good-Will….a clutter free home eases stress like you wouldn’t believe! I have also come to realize that sometimes Mom needs a break…..I try to have lunch with a friend occasionally. Even shopping w/o the children while my husband watches the children can be relaxing for me! I also lead a bi-weekly Women’s Bible Study…it’s nice to share the Word of God with women of like faith. We encourage each other spiritually and emotionally!!!

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