Coals of Fire

view detailsWhat is a mom? You know you are a mom when you lay down to rest and there is one child on top of you, one inside of you, and one beside you! Yesterday was one of those days. I was sick with a sore throat and weakness. The  thing about being a mom is when your sick life still moves on. There is still diapers to change, meals to get, and children who still long for your interaction. As the day wore on, I found myself feeling more and more sorry for myself. I wished I could have someone taking care of ME! On top of that my husband then decided to bring some manure home to prepare our garden for planting in a few weeks. Yikes! Can’t you see that I need you? The kids need you and the house needs attention?! According to me, the timing couldn’t have been worse. Well, I confess my Christianity felt like it had all fled out the window and I was cross. No, I was down right mad. Later on in the evening when we were all ready for bed, my husband gets the mischevious look on his face and says, “I hope you’re feeling better for tomorrow evening”. I was like thanks but I don’t think that’ll happen the way today went. He’s like, “I arranged for a babysitter so we could go out on a date”. Talk about blowing the socks off of me! Indeed, I felt very convicted! My spirit burned within me!  Ouch! Those coals of fire stung. But what I wanted to portray in this post is the truth of this Bible verse:

Romans12:20 “Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head.”

Bless God! My husband put that verse into shoe leather for me yesterday.


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