Building Character in Our Children

Symbol of justice, a scaleBuilding character in our children that has been something on my husband’s and my mind. Recently I visited school and was shocked how the kids responded to their teacher. She would say something and the students would do it when they were ready to do it. One first grader knocked over my daughter and went merrily on his way, not helping her up or even apologizing. Observing this behavior in these children and also in my own, I was sobered. How are children to learn obedience, respect for authority, and kindness? So the next number of weeks on Wednesdays, I want to focus on one or two characters each week using a letter of the alphabet. This activity is great for every family or even for individuals who want to focus on inner spiritual growth and development. Individually or as a team decide (1) what is important to you (2) specific areas that need growth (3) how you will accomplish this goal. We are doing this as a family. At the end of each day discuss how you did, of what you were aware of, and how to continue to make it practical. So here is our week #1

The letter 'A' and two antsAcknowledgement and Affirmation

Acknowledge when someone is talking to you. Use eye contact. Repeat instructions to show that they understand. Turn toward the person who is speaking.

Affirm the good points in each other. Our church just got through winter Bible school and we discovered that our two-year old was not listening to his teacher so Sunday morning we told him we would ask how he did in Sunday School. After consulting with his teacher, she said he did fine. On the way home we told him how glad it made us that he listened to his teacher. He was ever so pleased! Our words have a profound affect on those around us! We either are building each other up or tearing each other down. Sadly too often we found that we were giving a lot of “don’t do this”, “no”, and “don’t do that” and then leaving out the positive. We can find good ways to refraim our commands.

I invite my readers to join me on the journey! What characteristics will you choose for you or your family?


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