Character Building Wednesday

Another exciting week of character building. How did letter “A” do for you? I sure hope you will join me in this alphabetical challenge of building character in yourself and/or your children! Here’s to week number two!

Benevolence and Blessing

These are the two we’ve chosen for our family this week. What will you choose? Here is some more ideas to jog your memory. Beauty. Belief. Benefit.

Benevolence is to love others and have good will to them. Benevolence is an act of kindness on behalf of the happiness of another. How do we plan to put this in action? Our church has a kids outreach to city children so we plan to provide snack for sixty people. We are going to bake brownies in mini cupcakes and put a dollop of icing on top and some chocolate candy. My children love baking and knowing we are benefiting others is a plus. Another way, we plan to send a care package to a good friend who is a missionary who is going through some tough things. Sending a package is expensive but we love gathering thoughtful things from the States to send to her. Last but certainly not least, is to show benevolence to each other here in our house. This means doing thoughtful things such as packing my husband’s lunchbox, keeping things orderly, helping each other in average chores.

Blessing is asking for Divine protection or aid. BlessingĀ  is approval and good wishes. What is our action plan for this one? One of the first ways is to pray a blessing upon each one in our home. Another way is to speak a blessing around our dinner table by each person saying one thing that they appreciate about each family member. When we first did this one, my daughter wanted to keep going.

What words will you choose for “B”? What is going to be your action plan? I sure hope you will join me on this adventuresome journey! I want to hear from you, my readers! What have you chosen? How things are going for you? Hope to hear from you!

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