Got Attitude?


Had an interesting opportunity yesterday to watch another mom in action when I stopped by Good’s Store last evening. She was a middle-aged mom with two children and was obviously expecting another. In her cart, sat this two-year old little girl chirping cheerfully. Proclaiming “hi”, “good-by”, etc to anyone who would listen. If they didn’t she would continue to call out until her mom disappeared in the next aisle. What was interesting to watch was as her mother would turn the cart down an aisle after her little girl would call out, she was muttering quietly. “This is what she does all the time when we go shopping!” She was obviously stressed out from something. I saw her at the end  of an aisle in the next store making very stern faces and scolding her little girl. Now granted, I don’t have a clue what that poor woman was facing but she was being observed by those she came in touch with. What I saw,  her little girl was just being an adorable two-year old. It was eye-opening for me. What are my attitudes saying? What do people see in me? Are people drawn by my life and attitudes or pushed away?

Well, she wasn’t the only one that was struggling this week. The last couple days at our house have been full of challenges and struggles. My two-year old has been giving me quite the run for my mommyhood, so to speak. He is desiring more power and control in his life, which is typical at this stage in life. He’s been grumpy, sassing, and defiant. This made it so hard for me. I struggled to keep being cheerful and positive. I lost it a few times by returning grumpy for grumpiness, etc. There were times, I cried with him. My attitude impacted how well our days went. My  attitude impacts the children. It’s sobering that I can either love them with love of Christ, loving others at my expense drawing them to Christ. Or choice number two is to love others at their expense pushing them away from all the good. What is your choice going to be today?


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