Character Building Wednesday

Well, my friends, how did last week with letter “B” go? It was fascinating the responses we had at our house. Blessing was especially meaningful for us. One of the rules was that when we gave a blessing, it was to be authentic. My daughter would remind us if we forgot to give our blessings at the supper table. She would get this mischievous look on her face. She particularly lit up when Conrad spoke a blessing. After one time she came and stood by his chair and snuggled up to him. What’s amazing is, is that she is not usually a cuddly type of person. Now for week three.

Calm and Connected

Here’s some other words that start with “c” to get your brain thinking. Compassion. Cheerfulness. Cleanliness. Creativity. Committed. My husband, Conrad, jokingly suggested carousing. 🙂

What is our action plan for this week? For calmness, it is to keep the schedule and atmosphere of our home calm and restful. What does this look like? Conrad has informed me that I’m like a bridge that has a ten ton weight limit. Well, every other day or so this twenty ton truck decides to cross the bridge so that I need at least one day to recuperate. I’m finding that calmness is especially an area of need in my life. How mom feels truly impacts the rest of the family! Calmness will include time together reading and singing in the morning when I’m having my time with God. I find it so precious to have my little ones snuggled up next to me as we read Bible stories and do songs with the motions. Calmness also means taking time for physical excercise such as taking our one and a half mile walk.

Connection. What is our action plan for connecting? This is one that I think often happens subconsciously many times. But it is also about making a specific choice to engage in the people around us. For example, drinking our coffee together as husband and wife rather than pouring our individual cups and doing our jolly thing  by ourselves. This means choosing things to do together.

I wonder what words for “c” you will choose. How is this experiment going? I would LOVE to hear from you!

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