Character Building Wednesday



Here we are again. Calm and connected was our letter “c” words. I’m finding that often the words we choose are areas of need for our family. My husband chooses one word and I choose the  other and then we work at it together with our little family. Today we are ready for the letter:

Delight and Discipline

Delight and discipline are the words we chose for us to focus on this week. What words are you going to choose? What is our action plan for these?

Delight is to find pleasure and enjoyment in something. Delight is a source of happiness and satisfaction. Often in the daily grind of living we somehow miss the joy of the little moments. Here is an example from our house. Last night my daughter was convinced that bedtime could be postponed for  as long as she was able. She comes trotting over to our bedroom telling us that she wanted to pray for us. She put her fat little arm around my neck and began to pray with me. “Now I lay me down to sleep”. After Conrad got home from banjo lessons, she came trotting over once again informing him that she wanted to pray with him. They knelt down beside the bed and she prayed another bedtime prayer. “Jesus tender Shepherd, hear me…” In that moment, we could have gotten very frustrated as it was going on ten o’clock and we did want to go to bed. Choosing delight in that moment, helped us to go to bed on a good night rather than what scolding would have produced. Noticing the God moments in our days takes a choice on our part. Here is an experiment for you. Take the next couple days or weeks and just write down  the things that you were blessed by that day. The things that you are thankful for. The simple act of writing it down, makes one realize how richly blessed we are!

Discipline is self-control, a state of order, and training by instruction and practice. Wow! When we chose this one we didn’t realize how desperately we needed this one. Yes, we knew it was needful to teach our children that but then we discovered how much we were the real ones that needed a consistent, disciplined lifestyle. For example, getting up in the morning on time and going to bed before eleven. In relationships, when there is too much on our plate to kindly say “no, we can’t do it this week”. And another huge area, consistency in training our young ones. “No” should not me “no, today” and “maybe” tomorrow. This creates unnecessary tension and insecurity.

My friends, won’t you join me on this fascinating journey to building character in yourself and/or your family? I’d love to hear from you, my readers!

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