My Kissses From God

I’ve had kisses from God today. Have you? Here is just a few that God gave me. This morning I had the delightful surprise of having Conrad stop in. I had creme filled doughnuts on the counter and coffee was brewing in the pot. He took some time and sat with me and we drank coffee as we enjoyed our fat powdery doughnuts.

Later today, April comes running inside as I was on the phone. “Mommy, Jordan pooped in the flower bed!” Not exactly what you want to hear. But I love that he has gotten the potty training concept finally. He needs to learn to put it in the proper place now. So yes, it was a unique “God” moment:)

Another kiss today came in the form of a $36 savings. On Friday, we plan to take our family on an outing for my daughter’s birthday. I was disappointed that I had let tickets to the museum that were on sale slip through my fingers earlier this year. Then today I got a phone call from my sister-in-law telling me the tickets are available again at sale price. It felt like a HUGE God gift as He knew we wanted to go and He provided for us to go and at half price!

Another kiss moment, was when my daughter told me as I was having my personal devotions. “Mommy, I just feel the need for some quiet time with Jesus.” She promptly curls up with the Bible storybook and sits on the recliner.

Kisses are everywhere. Kisses from God! Sometimes our kisses from God are small such as a cardinal flitting across our path. Sometimes they are huge like relationships that are healed. And then there are all the kisses in between. Have you noticed God getting your attention through kisses today? Yesterday? Remember to notice and delight in HIM each day!

I’d love to hear from you! What kisses has God sent your way recently?


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