Character Building Wednesday

So friends, how does this find you? How did letter “E” go for you this past week? Our family’s choice for letter “E” was encouragement and exercise. I must confess we were so busy last week we had little time to especially focus on these character traits. We did manage to get exercise in about five days despite the fact that Conrad had bursitis in his hip.  Now for this week, letter:

Fun and Family. These are the words we chose for our week. What words will you choose? Here is some ideas: friendship, faith, forgiveness, feelings.

This week is a week for fun character building for our family. Sometimes life gets so busy doing this and doing that, that it is easy to forget to simply just be together enjoying each other.

Do you know the meaning of fun? I decided to look up the definition. Fun is to be playful. Fun is something that gives amusement, enjoyment, and pleasure. How are we going to remember to have fun this week? With the spring weather here life is BUSY! (Hmm…did I use that word before? You got it, we are busy!) Monday was an extremely hot day here in Pennsylvania. The heat was draining. For fun we decided to walk down the creek bed across the road from our house. The shrub beds needed to be weeded but instead we went for a jaunt down the river. The children and I wore our Crocs and my husband  wore his flip flops which he ripped during our watery excursion. Here is some pictures.

  Treasures: a sand pail hanging in the tree, shells, fresh water clams, crayfish, and sand bars.



This was one evening we had a bunch of fun cooling off in the stream and connecting with the children. They were absolutely thrilled. It was amazing to see the uniqueness of each of God’s creation.

One evening of fun will most likely have to be cleaning out our garage in preparation for my daughter’s birthday party in case of rain. I wonder how we can make that fun? Maybe we could have Italian ice when we are finished.

For my daughter’s birthday, my husband is taking off of work and we are having a family day at a child friendly museum in the city. Then we have a store near us who gives tokens to the children when they visit their store and on their birthday the tokens are worth twice as much so we will be doing that too. Then we are having a birthday party with all the little people from her Sunday School class the next day.

This is a little of what our week is/will be. What words and action plans will you choose? I’m curious. I’d love to hear from you! Blessings on the journey!


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