Testimony Tuesday~One Voice

This is a true life story that actually took place not far from my house. We live about five miles outside of a small town. A few weeks ago someone put up a huge billboard that was extremely inappropriate. I’ve a friend who is actively involved in human trafficking and sex slavery. At a recent training seminar, she was told that we are called to speak out against things like inappropriate billboards, advertisements, and places of business. We may not think that our one voice makes a difference but every one voice counts. To go on with my story, my friends decided she needed to speak up. So the next day as she drove by the billboard to get the number to call and complain, she was surprised to see the billboard had been covered with something so that you could no longer see the details. The following day, the inappropriate message was completely removed! What had happened, was that enough of one voices had spoken up against that inappropriate billboard. These tragic things happen without blatant advertisements. What will you do next time you are confronted with evil? We can not afford to be silent about things with eternal consequences.  Will you be that one voice? I read a bumper sticker recently that said, “To be silent in the face of evil, is evil itself”.

3 thoughts on “Testimony Tuesday~One Voice

  1. Sue says:

    That billboard brought such pain and grief to my heart… I was impressed to pray fervently that it would be removed. I didn’t know where to go with a complaint but felt God answered a prayer when it disappeared. Thanks to those moved to action for the cause of righteousness.

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