The Scrub Brush of God

We were preparing our garage to host a birthday party for my daughter April who was turning six. Our garage tends to be somewhat like some people’s attic. Things get set here and  there in hopes that at a later date it will be put away or taken care of properly. So there are times that we can’t pull our vehicles inside from the elements. Preparing a place in case of rain, took cleaning measures. First it meant putting things away. Come to think of it, it would have been easier in the long run if we’d just put it away right the first time. It meant everything in its proper place. Shoes on the shelves. Coats in each one’s personal space. It meant sweeping the floor. Of course, with having garage doors hang open that meant I scooped up more than one dust pan of dirt, and flower petals, and sticks. Then we proceeded to spray the garage down with water. Jordan had the delight of squishing LOTS of dishsoap on the floor for cleaning. Oh the bubbles we had! The children were thrilled with being able to scoot here and there slipping and sliding. We each had great broom scrubbrushes. In the process, there were giggles, getting wet, and falling soundly on one’s tailbone due to the slick condition of wet concrete and soap bubbles combined. We all got sufficiently soaked but the garage sure looked a world better after the scrubbing! We wrapped up our morning with a picnic lunch.

As we were scrubbing, cleaning out our garage. My mind went to how are lives are like that. Life happens. If we aren’t careful overtime dirt and debris accumalate in our souls. In the busyness, we forget to care for our inner life. Or am I the only one that finds this happening? Our souls need nurture. We need time with God. We need to have time with God’s people. We need time to connect with others who will have the courage to speak truth into our lives.

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