Testimony Tuesday~God Provides

This is a true story that happened. I grew up in a family of seven children. My dad quit a top paying job and bought a forty acre farm to farm produce. To make the payments during the winter, Dad was a woods craftsman. He did gorgeous custom kitchens for people and many other beautiful works. One winter while he was working in the shop one evening an accident occurred. He was using a wood planer. A wood planer is a machine that pulls in a board of one thickness and as it goes through the knives it comes out on the other side the desired thickness. As you send through the two by four you would push it through the feeder and then hop to the other side and hold it till it finished. Somehow as Dad went to push the board in, the machine sucked in his hand and shredded all the fingers on his right hand. This was very scary especially to my seven-year old mind. My youngest sibling had just turned one when this happened. Dad spent a number of days in the hospital. When he came home, he still had lots of pain. Having quit a high paying job and buying a farm, our family had assets but no cash. My parents did not know how they would pay the hospital and doctor bills as they had no health insurance. Many people wrongly thought that if we had just bought a farm, our family must be quite rich therefore we didn’t receive financial help in paying the thousands of dollars of bills. My parents pleaded with God to provide for their family of seven. God did provide through an asparagus patch. The year of the accident God made it produce the most it ever did in its entire life. When Mom and us kids backs were breaking, we were reminded that God was providing for us even if it were through stinky asparagus. One time during this time of trial, Mom didn’t know what she was going to feed us for supper. There was no money. And the cupboards were bare. When a sister in the Lord stopped by our house. She gave Mom a twenty-dollar bill. She said that she just felt God wanted our family to have it. She had no idea that she was providing for our supper. I remember that during this time we ate a LOT of cornmeal mush which is like a porridge made of cornmeal. God provides in so many ways. Listen to His voice. There may be someone in need who needs supper or financial support. Or maybe someone who God is prompting you to call, you may never know that it may save a life. I find it amazing how God cares even in the small details. He sees….

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