Character Building Wednesday

Hi everyone! How did letter “G” go for you this past week? Our choice of words was gladness and gratitude. Being grateful has a way of changing how one looks at life. Sure enough there were bumps in our life in the past week and YES it was difficult to be thankful for them. Like knowing that I offended someone because I see things as black and white. When something is wrong and  I know its wrong then I am not afraid to stand for right. This at times causes offenses. How does one be grateful for negative reactions? On the other hand, I found so many things to be grateful for all week-long and really mean it. Things like hubby going yard sailing with me, walks on the old railroad bed as the children rode bike, for my parents, being able to celebrate Conrad’s Grandpa’s 85th birthday after which the family sang, and many other things.

Things that make me glad:

    Poppop buys watermelon for his one and only~Jordan. A delightful treat that the whole family benefits from! In April, watermelon tastes yummy!


Watermelon dribbles on the chins and table and my freshly washed kitchen floor.




Beautiful Sunday evenings for walks and bike rides.

Healthy minds

Healthy bodies

Healthy relationships

Bicycles in the ditch.

Strength to get them out .




Beautiful springtime flowers. These smelled awesome!




The list goes on. Like the freshly weeded garden, even though it’s not completed it’s getting there. The rolls and rolls of giggles of delight as Daddy blows under little lad’s arm. A working happy family, sure we have our quarrels and disagreements but it doesn’t stop there, we seek to work through them. Of course, God’s faithfulness and leading in our lives! He’s been SO very good to us!

Now for this week.


What words will you choose? Here is some suggestions to get you thinking -hygiene, hope, happiness, healing choices, helping,  hearing

What is our game plan for the week? Making healthy choices specifically physical health but also emotional and spiritual health. Let’s start with physical health. This means getting to bed at a decent hour as it is not unusual for my little ones to be going strong at 10:00 p.m. Physical health means taking our vitamins, brushing teeth, and drinking enough water. And simple things like washing our hands properly. We will likely take a trip the library and pick up a book or two on health for the kids. Emotional health will be processing our emotions in a good way. This means talking through obstacles that arise. We will build healthy relationships by not getting so busy we don’t have quality time together. Spiritual health will mean enjoying time around God’s Word like acting out verses in the Proverbs such as the straight and the crooked paths. Spiritual health may also include listening to uplifting Christian music.

I hope you will join me on this fascinating journey! What word/words will you choose for “H”? What is your game plan? I’d be thrilled to hear from you! May God bless you!

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