Getting Rid of the Grumpy Grandmas

We’ve been having a case of the grumpy grandmas at our house. When one child doesn’t get his way, what displeasure and sour attitudes have come to the surface the last number of days. I can really connect to the picture, feeling as though I could pull out my hair with the selfishness, quarrelling, etc. Are we the only one’s that experience this at our house? I figured probably not because children will be children so I thought today I would share what I do. First of all though, I want to tell you how I came up with the “grumpy grandma” phrase. My son has been asking repeatedly to go to see grandma the last while. We live an hour away from Grandma’s house thus we can’t just pick up and go at anytime of the day and make it a worthwhile trip. Different times when I’ve told him that no we can’t go today to grandma’s house the pouting comes out. I then told him that we can’t take the grumpies to grandma because she’d chase them away.  Thus the phrase came to be.

What are tips of dealing with grumpy grandmas? For very young children, a change of scenery can make a world of difference such as going outside or into another room. Having them sit on your lap as you read a story. Playing a game with them such as “Patty Cake”. For older children (3+), some of the things are the same. I’ve found making them play outside for a while even if its cold can make a difference (make sure they are properly dressed for the weather). Giving the child a small job like emptying the dishwasher, picking up toys, or cleaning their room. For my daughter, sending her to her room just for quiet time until she can be cheerful can make a world of difference. Sometimes they need to have “time out” until they can look me in the eyes and sing a song. Interaction can also be very key to chasing away the grumpies as sometimes they are acting up simply to get my attention. I will leave the older children (10+) to moms who are/have been there. At this stage in life, I think probably interaction with the grumpy child would be huge also giving them keys for dealing with the grumpies on their own like journalling or creating picture collages of what they are feeling.

I’d like to hear from you! What do you to deal with the grumpy grandmas in your life or in your children? We are in this together to build a rising generation of mighty God-serving children that change the world!


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