The last couple of weeks has been one delightful smorgasbord of food. Loving friends and family have brought in top-notch meals that were put to use since Kristyn’s birth. Here is just a sampling of the food. I’m just listing single items of their individual meal menus that stuck out to me.

“AnaLisa”; a diligent mom of three preschoolers,  brought baked oatmeal with apple pie filling. Have you ever tried that? It’s almost like apple goodie but lots better in my book. One thing she did was bring disposable place settings which is excellent for moms recovering from recently giving birth.

“Deandra”;  with a career,  brought homemade chicken noodle soup.

“Mila”; an industrious mom of five and pregnant with her sixth, brought easy mac and cheese with turkey ham.

“Desiree”; an active mom of two under 5 years old, brought barbecued burgers with all the fixings.

“Memaw”; with many irons in her fire,  brought a “bunny” salad. One with fresh garden lettuce, tomatoes, radishes, and onions.

“Wanika” a full-time career woman and single mom of two, asked me if I was hungry for anything and I said “doughnuts”. She made a special stop just to bring me one.

“Jana” a home school mother of five, brought delectable homemade caramel pudding.

“Cindy” an employed manager drove three hours, and brought my husband and children’s favorite pie-pumpkin.

“Kelly” a busy mom of one, brought a casserole for my freezer.

“Kara” an enterprising career woman, brought chicken pot pie with flaky biscuits atop.

“Katie”, dedicated mom to one new baby, brought wine chicken. That’s a five-star dish!

“Cadence” untiring mom of two under two years of age, brought some of the chocolate chip and peanut butter bars I’ve ever tasted.

“Elena” diligent mom of two and fellow blogger, brought a full course picnic and drove an hour to bring it!

“Missy” industrious mom and grandma, brought homemade strawberry pie and ice cream! Bless her heart, when she got to my house she accidentally locked the keys in her vehicle!

“Mahala”, busy as a beaver, brought chicken and rice.

“Deidra” industrious mom of two under four years old, brought a five-star  creamy chicken over rice.

“Nicole” mom of ten brought fresh red potatoes covered with brown butter and crumbs.




And to each of you my readers, if you have someone in your life that has recently given birth a meal is a HUGE blessing!

Galations 6:2 NLT~ “Share each other’s burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ.”

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