What is Important?

The other day I had an interesting experience! I’d gone shopping to Aldi and while I was in the store a policeman came in. As I was loading up, he came walking out. He was parked close to me so I said to him, “Thank you for all you do for us”. The man said to me, “Thank you but what you are doing is the MOST important!” I was surprised because you could tell he meant what he said. Every day he gets to see children, youth, and adults gone wrong. A lot of those crimes can be traced to dysfunctional families who don’t know God.

This conversation felt like a God-moment to me. Reminding me once again that what I do day in and day out DOES matter! Raising little ones in the most important job I have right now even if it doesn’t feel that way. The days get long and the work doesn’t last. (I think that’s why I enjoy mowing the lawn so much. It actually last for a couple of days:)) Laundry, for one, is one of those jobs I do basically every day. Some more things are cooking, cleaning, and changing clothes. Thinking of filling my place as an act of worship to God does make a difference. Look at it this way. Some times changing a dirty diaper is a bigger and more important act of worship than forcing yourself to sit down and read the Bible for twenty minutes. Now don’t get me wrong. Reading the Bible is vital for growth and sustenance in one’s Christian walk!

Today, my friends, remember that filling your place is an act of worship. Being where He wants you to be, wherever that might be, is what is important! God bless you all!

~Enjoying the Moment as a Family~

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