The Cry of Cambodian Children

My heart is full tonight! I must write! There are millions of children without parents in the small country known as Cambodia. Millions of these children have been abandoned. Millions of these are forced into child labor and prostitution. Male children are trafficked for forced labor into industries such as agriculture, fishing, and construction. Female children are forced into prostitution and forced labor in factories and house servants. Many of these children are obligated to be part of begging rings, soliciting, and street vending. Pimps imprison virgins and then auction them off to the highest bidder. These girls working in brothels are sex slaves. Did you read that? Slaves. They are given no money, sometimes food, and armed guards to prevent them from running away. Children who don’t want to cooperate are imprisoned, beaten, and starved into labor. Children as young as five are sold or kidnapped into slavery. Think of it! Age five! That is younger than my daughter is! This is tragical! The children that are sold, are sold for as little as $10!

Can  you hear them crying? Crying because of the violence they witness on an everyday basis. Crying because they have been sold so that their selfish parents can buy something consumable. Crying because of the shame and the pain. Crying because they know of no escape. Crying for someone to care. Crying for love, for hope.

Tonight, what will you do with those cries? Can we afford to be silent about things that really matter? What is more important, a big retirement fund or saving one life from child slavery? As Christians, what should our response be? If this doesn’t break you heart, ask God for His heart on the matter. How would Jesus respond?  I don’t know exactly but I do know He would  NOT be living a lavish lifestyle while others are dying without hope. Jesus wouldn’t be afraid to get involved! Jesus would jump right in reaching the children, hurting with them, crying with them, and rescuing them. What will you do?

Please take the time to watch this video:


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