What Are You Packing?

I won’t soon forget the first time we went away after our honeymoon! We were going to the cabin a number of hours away. When we were part of the way there much to my chagrin I discovered in my love-sick mind that I had left much-needed shirts and pants and dresses at home! We got to the cabin only to discover that the generator that was there to produce the electric was broke so we couldn’t even wash what we were wearing. This produced a good laugh!

How many times do we forget the important things in life? Like forgetting to take time to smile. It’s amazing how much a smile can make difference! As Christians, we especially have something to smile about-our God!

How about complimenting a job well done? Or a job that was given one’s best effort? I know how it makes a day when you receive a blessing from someone! Like just the other week when a friend offered to babysit my children. Then my husband and I could go for a date! We enjoyed being down by the river with a picnic lunch!

What about taking time to play with a child or with a spouse or with a friend? All these reap enormous rewards! Recently between shopping and the different stores, I stopped at the park and let the children play. How they loved that! Yes, it did lengthen my trip to the store but it was worth it.

The most important is time with HIM! How easy it is to neglect our relationship with God! Find something that works for you! My husband finds it easiest to have his personal time with Jesus in the morning. If I did that I would fall asleep because I’m not a morning person! Some people find that if they wait till the night that they are so tired then that they crash when it comes evening. I find that having my “Jesus time” as I call it, works best in the late afternoon.

I’m curious how you, my readers remember to pack in all the important things in life? What tips do you have for fitting in the things that truly matter? Remember the object lesson of filling a jar with stones? Is it full with the rocks? The small stones? The sand? And/or the water?

I would be thrilled to hear from you!


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