The Power of a Praying Mom

I love testimonies like this! Our God is AWESOME! This one is form “Gospel for Asia” ministry newsletter.

“From a Beer Can to a Bible”

Lankesh had a secure job as a bus conductor in the city. He was responsible for the safe transportation of hundreds of Sri Lankans every day. With the income form his job, Lankesh helped support his mother and sister at home.

Every weekend, Lankesh would faithfully come home to visit his mother and sister, and just as faithfully, every weekend his mother, Yachana, would share with him about Jesus. However, Lankesh was convinced of his traditional religious beliefs, and he had no interest in giving them up. When his mother would talk about Jesus, Lankesh would get angry and leave the house, usually to go drinking with his friends.

Then suddenly, Lankesh stopped making his weekened visits. His alcohol habit had become so excessive that he even discontinued his own religous activities, which he had once valued so highly.

To make matters wors, Lankesh was no longer providing money for the family. Yachana was already struggling financially, and she was devestated by her son’s disappearance. Her heart ached as she wondered wher eher boy could be. So she did the only thing she could think of: She prayed.

Yachana visited her Gospel for Asia-supported pastor, Fateh. She explained to him that she had not seen her son in some time, and she was afraid for his safety. Fateh encouraged her to continue praying for her son and to trust in the Lord. Yachana was convinced that her pastor owas right. She went home that day full of faith that she would see her son by the end of the week.

Imagine Yachana’s delight when Lankesh came home that very weekend! She was so thankful to see that he was safe. And she was even more overjoyed when he agreed to go to church with her that Sunday.

However, Yachana noticed a distressing change in her son that weekend. Lankesh’s eyes were re, and his face looked strange to her.

During the time of prayer at church, Pastor Fateh prayed for Lankesh. But Lankesh began to scram wildly, and the pastor immediately recognized that he was possessed by a demon. Lankesh collapsed to the floor. The pastor sonctinued to pray fervently over the young man, until the demon was gone and Lankesh was delivered.

Today, Lankesh is earnestly following after Jesus and has given up his former lifestyle. Yachana is at peace and thankful to the Lord for freeing her son form danger. She credits the incredible power of prayer for delivering him. She is delighted to see Lankesh carrying a Bible now instead of a beer can.

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