“Iced Coffee=Pleasure” Photo Journey


While our family was in Thailand, we had LOTS and LOTS of iced coffee! It was rich and full-bodied. Coffee shops were more common than large shopping centers. They were ingenious at popping little coffee shops in the smallest of places. Right around the corner from where we were staying, a lady had about 8′ of street front where she had put a coffee shop. I sure frequented that place! In fact, every time I came around she’d light up like fireworks! The coolest thing was that it was reasonably priced, paying only around $1.00 to $2.50 USD! Here are some pictures of the top-notch coffees we were privileged to experience.


My princess and I sharing a cup! Irresistable!

Apostle Peter could have walked on this one it was that black.

Thailand…I love you! 🙂 Or should I say, I love your coffee? 🙂

And so I HAD  to come up with my own! Here in the States specialty coffees cost an arm and a leg or at least one’s daily allowance.

Here is my version…

~”D’s Thai Iced Coffee”~

The lovely cast of characters!

Liquid gold! Cold-brewed coffee/coffee liquor. My son kept trying to sneak tastes of it. Every single time he would come up with the same results! Such a face puckering!

Nice tall glasses filled with ice!

Start with the coffee liquor. Pour into cup until it is half to three-quarters full depending on how black you like it. Add at least three teaspoons of sweetened condensed milk and fill the rest of way full with milk. Stir together. Top with a swirly of whipped topping. For more flourish add chocolate shavings.


Adapted from www.pioneerwoman.com

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