Tippy Tuesday

“Fight Breakers”

I’ve found this tip to be simply sensible. Have you ever found yourself ready to pull out your hair because the children are squabbling?

Tip 1- Give them some work to do for the next fifteen minutes. During this time they are not allowed to complain or duffle bum around.  Even my three year old is capable of that. If they complain, inform them that you will continue to give them jobs until they can perform it cheerfully. Somehow my children find excuses like, “I need to go pee” in hopes of getting out of their jobs.

Tip 2-Have the children look at each other and sing a song. After this, have them hug, look into each other’s eyes and smile broadly while saying “I love you!”.

The “army cure” in action! They ended up having to pull weeds in the shade together for squabbling.

They had to hug after they were finished. April seemed to need more work to take care of the attitude.

They finished up by holding hands and singing “Jesus Loves Me”.

I’m curious what you have found successful in stopping a squabble in its tracks? Let me know!


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