“One Man, A Tow Truck, Two Purses, and Sin”

What does the title words have in common? Let me tell you! One of the past Wednesday evenings we had prayer meeting at church. When we got there, I asked Conrad if he had gotten the keys. “Yup, I put them in your purse”, was his reply. Hitting the lock button we trotted into church. We spent the first thirty minutes praising the Lord in song, opening our hearts up to worship the God of heaven when Kristyn began to cry. Now Kristyn, when she is tired, likes to be wrapped snuggly in a blanket to fall asleep. I whispered to Conrad about the blanket. (He had let her’s in the van.) He began rummaging in my purse for the keys to go and get it. Not finding it and not wanting to create a scene I remembered that I had one in the bottom of my purse. I wrapped Kristyn in her blanket and continued to worship. This bothered Conrad not knowing where the keys were. Alas, he couldn’t find them anywhere! We had locked them in the van! The pastor began taking prayer requests. We divided into prayer groups and went to prayer. The groups go all over the church building and sure enough one was right by the phone (his cell was locked in the van). Not wanting to be a spectacle he pulls the corded phone into the corner and calls AAA. Speaking in low articulated tones he tells them the problem.Darkness had fallen when out they came in thirty minutes with a big flatbed tow truck with flashing lights atop loudly announcing that they had come. This drew faces to the window to investigate what was going on! It was soon no secret that our keys were soundly locked away in our van! So much for our effort to not distract from the prayer service 🙂 ! Here what had happened, I had two purses in the van at the time. One was my going away diaper bag and the other was my church one. He HAD put them in the diaper bag. It just so happened to be the wrong one.

This got me to thinking how very much like sin it was. We huddle in corners trying to keep it secret. But this is only succesful for so long before it gets bigger than a blanket. It soon becomes a flashing tow truck in the night. The next time we think we can tell a “white” lie, gossip, or even thinking negatively without it being a big deal. Be careful! You may soon have a tow truck flashing in the night!

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