Garden Party-40th Anniversary Celebration

Hi there friends! This week has been crazy for me. We had around 70 people for dinner three different times in the last week. I thought I’d invite you to see what I’ve been up to through this photo journey. The third and final large dinner for a while was a celebration for my husband’s parents who just celebrated their fortieth wedding anniversary.

The Drink

Individual herbal and fruit infused water in glass mason pint jars. I did citrus and pineapple and mint. They both had their distinct flavor. Conrad thought that it might taste too “healthy”. 🙂

Marinated, grilled chicken breast tenders on skewers

Red-skinned potatoes in rivers of browned butter and  crumbs.

Fresh corn on the cob rolled in butter and topped with chives.

Baguette with veggie strips and dip

I’d lined the walk with candles in the sand. The tables had fresh flowers.


Angel food cake wrapped in wafers and topped with fresh strawberries or blueberries (middle picture).

We also had fresh fruit salad.

We spent much of the evening chatting around the fire.


I think it will be awhile again till we have company even though we enjoy being surrounded by friends and loved ones. I am curious if my readers have tips on hosting get-togethers. I’d love to hear from you!


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