Paper Bags and Relatives…

Recently we were at a family reunion. The food was GREAT! The fellowship kinda lacked. In fact, I find more out through being friends through facebook than I did at the gathering. OOPS! Did I just say that about relatives? I felt sadness and profound disconnect and yet we were doing the “right” thing by gathering together. I later asked Conrad if that was just me but he said no. He said that  it reminded him of a whole group of people with paper bags over their heads and little slits cut for eyes to peer out.

Do you ever find yourself relating that way? I do. In fact, I believe most people go through life that way. With their heads stuck in paper bags and a wall around one’s heart, how are we to reach the hurting or express the pain we are feeling? It takes courage to remove our paper bags. What does this look like? It means being vulnerable, honest, and authentic. It means trusting in a God that is big enough to handle things if someone doesn’t respond well. It also takes courage to get past another’s paper bag. This happens through encouragement and humility.

Today, my friends will you walk around with a paper bag or will you have the courage to remove it? What tips have you found in letting go of your paper bag or seeing beyond another’s paper bag? I’d love to hear from you!


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