“I need to go to the bathroom!”

“I need a drink.”

“You forgot to tuck me in like a cocoon.”

“I forgot to say your goodnight prayer with you.”

“I spilled my cup.”

“I didn’t give you a goodnight kiss.”

“My dirty clothes needed picked up off the floor because they don’t belong there.”

“I had a really bad dream (although I’ve never gone to sleep yet).”

“I am scared.”

Children are masters at coming up with multiple excuses for not going to bed and staying there when it is bedtime!My mom used to sing a song that went to this effect, “Excuses for none”.

Are you and I guilty of excuse making? We even try to make bargains with God just like the Israelites! God if you give my husband a raise, we will give more in the offering. God if you make my day go good, I’ll have a whole half hour in Your Word. God, if you allow me to get a nap, I will be cheerful. God if You….fill in the space. The parable of the feast in Luke 14 is a classic example of people who made excuses. I can’t come I’ve got me a wife. 🙂 I think that one takes the cake! For all he knew that man’s wife may have loved a good party.

What kind of excuse are you making today? If someone made the same excuses you are making to you would you be happy? Here is something to think about. Are excuse ever legitimate and good? I wonder. What do you think? Especially if excuse is meaning to justify.

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