Baby Bliss + 1st Year Photo Journey

A precious baby joined our family in June a year ago… How time flies! 


Introducing {{{ Logan Courage }}}


Our double American family- 2 girls + 2 boys  

  The first two months of Logan’s life were challenging. He cried frequently and wanted to be held all the time. He wasn’t gaining weight properly so we made weekly checks to see his progress. The doctor labeled him with “failure to thrive”. By two months old, he was back to his birth weight. Then, all of sudden, little man began to gain weight. The more he gained the happier he was! What changed? I don’t know other than a miracle.  



Logan has been my happiest baby once he gained weight. At times, he will giggle for the sheer delight of simply living! He claps his fat little hands together. His obvious announcement  to those around “I’m happy”!

Instead of the traditional birthday cake, we had fresh strawberry pie.



This little guy has brought so very much to our family! We are incredibly blessed! He’s adventurous, funny,  and energetic!

Live Life Loved! 



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