Just 4 Fun

Personal Hygiene for Kids-Oral Health

The importance of taking care of one’s teeth can not be over estimated. Teaching children oral health starts very young. The American Dental Association actually recommends that a child visits the dentist by their first birthday or as soon as the first tooth appears. With young kids, it can be very difficult to get them to cooperate by opening their mouths widely, etc. Conrad is the one who takes care of the children’s mouths each evening which includes flossing and brushing. He has come up with many schemes by telling them stories and the like. It gets especially interesting if you name the toothbrush. Here is an easy, low-cost experiment to do with your children who will understand this at a very young age.

Take two apples. Explain that these are two “teeth”. The apple peel is like the tooth enamel. Take a fork and stab it into the one apple numerous times telling them that these holes are bacteria. Now set both apples on the counter for the next few days and see what happens. You will soon discover the one apple who was poke numerous times with a fork will have begun to rot. Explain that this is exactly how it is with teeth. If you don’t floss and brush your teeth will soon rot.


Family Fun Photo Journey-“To the Orchard”

Two excited children that couldn’t wait to fill their personal containers.

Hidden from View

I was surprised how good the kids did at picking their own blueberries. They were so yummy and sun-warmed.

Little Lad was thrilled to pick his own blueberries. He didn’t even like the taste of blueberries before!

Baby was NOT impressed!


The trees were loaded with luscious yellow cherries!

Look what I picked, Mama!

Caught red handed! Tasting them was a trip for the taste buds!

Just 4 Fun~Floral Flip Flops

Summer is on its way! Simple flip-flops adorned with fabric flowers go with any outfit. Get fabric flowers at Dollar Tree or Michael’s or some other craft store. Cut the stem off the flower right below blossom. Attach with a dime size dollop of hot glue or Gorilla glue. For some flip-flops a single blossom such as a sunflower or daisy is enough. For other’s try a row of violets or small size blooms and attach along the straps. This is a very simple craft and can save you much money if you like pretty flip-flops as much as I do. I’d love to see your personal creations! Remember to supervise children especially if using a hot glue gun.


Photo courtesy of  www.marthastewart.com

Just 4 Fun~Mommy and Me Wooden Spoons


This is a fun easy craft for Mother’s Day. You could also do it Grandma and me wooden spoons.

What you’ll need:

  • 2 wooden spoons, one larger than the other
  • Yarn in your choice of colors
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • White craft glue
  • Pony beads
  • Wiggle eyes
  • 2 small pink pom-poms
  • Black marker
  • Pink and red crayons
  • Felt
  • Buttons or pom-poms to decorate clothes

How to make it:

  1. Take a long piece of yarn and fold it back and forth so that each length touches end to end until you have a small handful. Tie a piece of ribbon in the center. Don’t tie it too tight, just enough to gather it together. Tie into a bow, trim ribbon ends, and cut all the looped ends to create the hair.
  2. Pipe some glue around the top of the wooden spoon and press the yarn hair onto the “head.”
  3. Glue on wiggle eyes, a pom-pom for a nose, and use marker to draw on mouth. Use a pink crayon for cheeks and red for Mom’s lipstick.
  4. To make a necklace for Mom by stringing some pony beads onto a piece of ribbon. Tie around neck of spoon.
  5. To create the dress, fold the corner of a piece of felt down and place spoon (face down) onto the felt, the folded corner will be the dress’s neckline.
  6. Fold the felt over one side, then fold the other side over. Glue in place.
  7. Slide off the spoon and trim the bottom straight to create dress. Slip the spoon back into the felt dress and glue in place.
  8. Repeat these steps for the child’s spoon as well.
  9. Decorate the dresses with pom-poms, buttons, and ribbon.

Craft creation -By: Amanda Formaro-Difficulty: Easy-Age: 6 and up

For more information and fun ideas for mother’s day. Check out www.kaboose.com  click on Mother’s Day Crafts.


Just 4 Fun~ Easter Craft

“Plant a Resurrection Garden”

What you will need:

potting soil

grass seed for shade

small flower pot


water basin for display

Place potting soil in basin. Bury the small flower pot. Liberally sprinkle grass seed over the area. Create three crosses from the twigs and place in soil. Place in a warm sunny place. Spritz with water several times a day. Will sprout in 7-10 days. Plan ahead. Christ is risen indeed!!! Praise God!

Photo courtesy of Melissa Holt via facebook.

Just 4 Fun~Binoculars

“Saving the green, saves you green.”

This is the quote for this days craft. “Going green” is really in style right now. This craft is not only using up normal household wastes but also a creative way of keeping kids busy.

“Homemade Binoculars”

What you will need:

2 or more empty toilet paper rolls

miscellaneous craft supplies such as stickers, pom poms, foam shapes, ribbon, etc



This craft is extremely simple. Take two empty toilet paper rolls and staple together. Have child decorate the binoculars any way they want. Attach a yarn string or cording for a neck piece. Send child outside to discover his world!