Tippy Tuesday-Mother/Daughter Dates

Finding time for each little person in a mom’s life can be difficult at times. I am finding that especially with school starting it is even more that way. Connecting with your child can range from simple to dramatic. Here is a peek into my life with my six-year-old.

 Love that smile! She was thrilled about hanging out at Dairy Queen with Mom!

We were having a blast trying to take our own pictures while eating our ice cream! Oh, the silly faces we made! And I simply could not keep my eyes open on the pictures! We still talk about the fun time we had here! And all it took was a few dollars spent on ice cream and a camera!


On a simpler note, last night I laid in bed with a tired little lad on one side and my daughter on the other. Instead of trying to hurry her off to sleep we laid there and talked and talked and giggled. It wasn’t anything really profound although we tried to decide if a cow burps or not. We were both convinced that monkeys probably due and we KNOW Daddy does for sure 🙂

These are the things that I think have profound impact. I could have had me-time and though that isn’t all bad I would have missed connecting with my daughter.

How will you connect with loved ones in your life today? I’d be thrilled to hear from you, my readers!


Tippy Tuesday

“Fight Breakers”

I’ve found this tip to be simply sensible. Have you ever found yourself ready to pull out your hair because the children are squabbling?

Tip 1- Give them some work to do for the next fifteen minutes. During this time they are not allowed to complain or duffle bum around.  Even my three year old is capable of that. If they complain, inform them that you will continue to give them jobs until they can perform it cheerfully. Somehow my children find excuses like, “I need to go pee” in hopes of getting out of their jobs.

Tip 2-Have the children look at each other and sing a song. After this, have them hug, look into each other’s eyes and smile broadly while saying “I love you!”.

The “army cure” in action! They ended up having to pull weeds in the shade together for squabbling.

They had to hug after they were finished. April seemed to need more work to take care of the attitude.

They finished up by holding hands and singing “Jesus Loves Me”.

I’m curious what you have found successful in stopping a squabble in its tracks? Let me know!

Tippy Tuesday

“Stretching Your Meat While Stretching Your Dollars”

Meat is expensive these days and since I’ve got a grocery budget to honor I need to find creative ways to stretch my meat. How do I do this?  For most meat dishes you will not be doing it a disservice to add diced onions and garlic, this adds flavor and bulk. Another easy and nutritious way to stretch meat is to add rice or oatmeal to ground beef in dishes like meatballs, poor man’s steak, Salisbury steak, meatloaf, and I’ve also tasted it (oatmeal) in burgers as well. This helps keep the mixture moist and juicy. One of my personal favorites is adding black beans to my ground meat mixtures. Black beans add nutrition, protein, and bulk.

How do you stretch your meat? I’d love to hear from you!

Tippy Tuesday

“Tip for Tuesday”

This is a rather interesting post. I think if I can I will start posting small, easy, time-saving, frugal tips on Tuesdays.

This one is kind of joke, though.

-To Save Money on Tissues-

First of all you need a nice brand new box of Kleenex or the equivalent.  A good place to buy reasonably priced tissues is at Aldi or Dollar Tree. Then you need a young child around the age of two or three. Have them take the box of tissues to your room and tell them to place it on your nightstand. You will discover sooner or later that the box of tissues has been conveniently torn apart to see what treasures may lurk with in. Because of your money-saving mindset you will not want to throw away the tissues because you just bought them. Place the pulled out, disoriented tissues in the drawer of your nightstand and use as needed. This happened to me recently and I do believe this is the longest lasting box of tissues I’ve ever had. And it sure saves pennies!:)