How to Successfully Waste $1.25

I know how to successfully waste $1.25. Let me explain. The other day I went to the mall to go to Bath and Body Works. I figured while I was there I would stop in at Boscov’s because I needed some summer tablecloths. For a wedding gift, my parents had given us this beautiful handcrafted solid cherry table with matching chairs. I treasure this gift and with the arrival of children it began to receive marks and scratches so I’ve begun to use tablecloths at mealtime. Well, my tablecloths were beginning to look like they should be cut up for rags so I figured I’d check things out while I was there. Sure enough! Boscov’s had nice tablecloths for 50% off. I picked out two and then so  happened to walk by the “clearance”. Now when I see a “clearance” sign, I instinctively MUST stop and check it out. Here on clearance was some beautiful indoor/outdoor tablecloths for $8.74 originally $34.00. How delighted I was! I could save myself $1.25 per tablecloth. So I conscientiously put the other two back and I paid for two indoor/outdoor tablecloths I liked. I got home and was going to excitedly show my husband my “bargains”. I like telling him how much I saved. Much to my dismay, the one was made for an oblong umbrella table and the other one was oval! What I needed was just a normal tablecloth for an oblong table! I was disappointed! In my zealous desire to save money, I’d wasted $2.50! I think I’m discovering the need to CAREFULLY read the packages and that maybe it would be smarter to shell out $1.25 more for what I truly need.

So this post is to show how you can waste $1.25 too! Actually, I’m just kidding! Saving money is a important and necessary. Why? God has poured a bunch of wealth in the “room” of North America so that He could be glorified when we seek to help those in other “rooms” like Africa and their starving; like Asia and the innocent and exploited children, like North Korea and the persecuted Christians who are dying for the cause of Christ. Why do you save money? Are they selfish reasons? Are they God-reasons?

How do you; my readers, save money? Why do you save money? I’d love to hear tips from you!