My dear blog “family”,

Hello, from this winter season upon us! You will find that my blog posts have slowed to a few drops here and there! Life has been busy. I have been going through some soul-searching and questioning. Things along the line of…does blogging make a difference? Is my time spent blogging a waste?etc. as well as inner questions such as strongholds of fear and insecurity, what are the roots? etc. Freedom in Christ, prayer, blessing and the list goes on. Besides that we have done remodeling to our house. I am choosing to make a radical decision. I/we are choosing to get rid of our internet in our home for the next couple months. This will slow my blogging down to barely a trickle but right now I am raising babies for the kingdom.

I have a six-year-old girl who I’m teaching to be a young lady. A six-year-old who has an amazing vision to be a missionary nurse some day. This takes investing. I will not have her forever.

I have a small lad who is three. He’s ambitious, a pioneer  by nature. God has huge plans for this young man. But today is the day I can soothe his boo boos. Today is the day he can sit on my lap and be hugged and kissed and nurtured! In a blink he will be grown!

I’ve got a 6 month old living dolly. She is more laid back than my other two but God has a plan for her! I know because God has had His hand upon her since her conception. Medically speaking, she shouldn’t be healthy or normal but she is! She is the child who will take life as it comes resting and nurturing. She won’t always be my baby. Now I get to cuddle and comfort her but the day is quickly coming when it will take more than that to comfort her.

I have an awesome husband that I want to grow old with. This means taking time now! Time with and without our precious children. I don’t want all the children to marry and leave home and be left to live with a stranger. This means date nights now! Kisses now! Words of affirmation now! Time now!

So I’m getting rid of my internet. It won’t be easy for me because I LOVE research, pinterest, e-mail, and facebook! It is a great crutch. But now there is more important things that I need to be investing in! Things I count more important. It is like the next couple months will be like intensive care units for my little family! Then there are other things, like our church’s children ministry an hour’s drive from our house every week, our church, and friendships.

I have living souls to engage. Souls to cherish. Lives to touch and memories to make.


Contemplations on C-Section Births

With the birth of our daughter being born via c-section, many people have inquired whether I prefer a regular birth experience or a c-section. I thought I’d just share my birth story and some information I’ve gathered since, for your interest. Vaginal or cesarean? There are many thoughts and opinions surrounding those two words considering a birth experience.

Here is some information on Cesarean Births in the United States:

~The World Health Organization’s finds that c-sections performed above 10% is considered more harm than good. Currently the United States has a 32% rate of cesarean.

~Mayo Clinic reports that certain risks are higher after a Caesarean than after a vaginal birth this includes infections of the bladder/uterus, injury to the mother/baby, risks in future pregnancies and higher risk of postpartum depression.

~Common side effects of caesarean are fatigue, incision pain, constipation, bleeding, cramping, pelvic pain, depression, and post traumatic stress disorder.

For this pregnancy I had a midwife but still planned for a hospital birth. At the last check-up before our daughter was born, the midwife said, “I think she’s breach”. She then ordered an ultrasound which proved not only was she a breech baby she was a “double footling” breech baby. Only 3% of all breech babies are what they call a “double footling” breech. When this was confirmed, I knew the next day I would have an appointment with an OB/GYN doctor who specializes in higher risk births. I inquired about my options. What could I do? What is safe? How long do I have? Can I wait till I go into labor on my own? Since the risks were too high, we scheduled a cesarean the next day. We had to be at the hospital at 6:00 a.m. for my c-section at 9:00. I was very scared and nervous. I had never had any major surgery. I was trembling. Thankfully, God knew who I needed for my anesthesiologist. There was a student who was cheerful and outgoing and then the experienced one who was calm and very assuring. When they did wheel me into the operating room, I was so scared I began to cry. After administering the spinal block, I no longer had any feeling from my chest down but was totally cognitive. Everything then proceeded as an average c-section surgery.  Once in recovery they hooked me up to Pitocin to help control the bleeding so for the next 7 hours. On top of the surgical pain then I could also feel contractions from the “Pit”.  For twenty-four hours after surgery I was completely immobile. The hospital staff did excellent with pain relief and support.  It was very difficult to laugh, cry, and sneeze. You’ve got no clue how many stomach muscle you use on any given day until they cut through all the layers:) I LOVED being in the maternity ward for the following three days. Just having nurses at your every call and catering to every need was really good. I could rest and not have to worry about taking care of the other children or trying to do steps at home.  For a vaginal birth, I usually stay only twenty-four hours afterward.

There are pro’s and con’s of either birthing plans. Personally here is my ideas. For a  cesarean, people are a lot more willing to pitch in and help. I’ve gotten more meals than I ever did with my other two babies. I’ve got full-time help. I do think recovery is more difficult. I’d rather be up and doing my things at my speed instead I’ve got to use caution. The emotional after effects of major surgery are greater. In fact, my midwife informed that my risk for postpartum depression is around 95%. I’ve had breastfeeding problems which I’ve discovered is not uncommon in cesarean births. For a vaginal birth, I could pretty much do what I wanted with in a week of giving birth. My hospital stay wasn’t as long and if I tore there was pain from the stitches which wasn’t as nice. Pretty much all around a vaginal birth is definitely better for mom and baby.

For additional advice/info:

ICAN The International Cesarean Awareness Network aims to improve maternal-child health by preventing unnecessary cesarean through education, provide support for cesarean recovery, and promote Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC). It has a register of care providers, informative FAQs and a community.

I’d like to hear from my readers. What type of birth did you have? What side-effects have you experienced? What helped you or your family adjust to a new one?

How to Successfully Waste $1.25

I know how to successfully waste $1.25. Let me explain. The other day I went to the mall to go to Bath and Body Works. I figured while I was there I would stop in at Boscov’s because I needed some summer tablecloths. For a wedding gift, my parents had given us this beautiful handcrafted solid cherry table with matching chairs. I treasure this gift and with the arrival of children it began to receive marks and scratches so I’ve begun to use tablecloths at mealtime. Well, my tablecloths were beginning to look like they should be cut up for rags so I figured I’d check things out while I was there. Sure enough! Boscov’s had nice tablecloths for 50% off. I picked out two and then so  happened to walk by the “clearance”. Now when I see a “clearance” sign, I instinctively MUST stop and check it out. Here on clearance was some beautiful indoor/outdoor tablecloths for $8.74 originally $34.00. How delighted I was! I could save myself $1.25 per tablecloth. So I conscientiously put the other two back and I paid for two indoor/outdoor tablecloths I liked. I got home and was going to excitedly show my husband my “bargains”. I like telling him how much I saved. Much to my dismay, the one was made for an oblong umbrella table and the other one was oval! What I needed was just a normal tablecloth for an oblong table! I was disappointed! In my zealous desire to save money, I’d wasted $2.50! I think I’m discovering the need to CAREFULLY read the packages and that maybe it would be smarter to shell out $1.25 more for what I truly need.

So this post is to show how you can waste $1.25 too! Actually, I’m just kidding! Saving money is a important and necessary. Why? God has poured a bunch of wealth in the “room” of North America so that He could be glorified when we seek to help those in other “rooms” like Africa and their starving; like Asia and the innocent and exploited children, like North Korea and the persecuted Christians who are dying for the cause of Christ. Why do you save money? Are they selfish reasons? Are they God-reasons?

How do you; my readers, save money? Why do you save money? I’d love to hear tips from you!

Speed Bump Ahead

There is speed bump ahead for me in blogging. Time is rapidly approaching the birth of our third child. There are a few things I learned this time. #1 Pregnant women are not made to work outside in flower beds or gardens even though spring is just begging them to do so. #2 I learned that children have no concept of why mommy isn’t thrilled when she has thirty pounds trying to sit on her growing abdomen. #3 Pregnancy is HARD work! The list could go on. Just use your imagination and your probably close.

In the next few weeks you may find that my posts are less often. As time winds down, there is more appointments and more things that need done so I hope you will bear with me. I currently am hoping that I can remember to take care of myself in the next couple weeks. With beautiful spring and summer weather coming, it’s hard for me to rest and find myself easily overdoing it. I also struggled with postpartum depression after both of my other children. If you think of me and our family, we would covet your prayers in the next number of weeks as we adjust to new life, new schedules, and new joy. Thank you!