Thanksgiving-Photo Journey

Hi folks! I’ve been noticeably absent from blogging due to many interruptions in schedule and much needed updates being performed to our primary residence. But I invite you to join me on my photo journey…

Beautiful fall scenery and a Christmas wreath

Cold noses, strong legs, and the smiles of those I love best!

Thanksgiving bounty feast at Godilocks Grandma’s house…

We’ve so many things to be grateful for! Most of all, freedom through the blood of Jesus!!! May God be near each of my blog readers in a very special way during this holiday season!



Peak Into My Life…Coffee Shop Photo Journey

Life has a way of moving at lightning speed! I thought today I would simply give you a picture journey into my life this past week. I had the privilege of going out for coffee with two friends. One on Monday and the other on Saturday. What is better than a cup of coffee with a good dose of girlfriend connection?

An elegant coffee shop in the heart of a historic town.

Which would you choose?

The coolest Asian lady owned this shop! She came bouncing in while my friend and I were there. Although she was quite disheveled, appearing as though she had just hopped out of bed; she had a dynamic personality. She spilled sunshine on everyone she came in touch with! I want to be like her! 🙂

My coffee fix-organic, single-origin, french-pressed coffee from Sumatra! It had a 95 rating out of 100 so it was considered a specialty coffee. Did you know Starbucks is rated at a 44 out of 100?! French pressing the coffee gives it a very smooth taste. Try it some time!

The morning chocolate cravings-fulfilled! 🙂

Garden Party-40th Anniversary Celebration

Hi there friends! This week has been crazy for me. We had around 70 people for dinner three different times in the last week. I thought I’d invite you to see what I’ve been up to through this photo journey. The third and final large dinner for a while was a celebration for my husband’s parents who just celebrated their fortieth wedding anniversary.

The Drink

Individual herbal and fruit infused water in glass mason pint jars. I did citrus and pineapple and mint. They both had their distinct flavor. Conrad thought that it might taste too “healthy”. 🙂

Marinated, grilled chicken breast tenders on skewers

Red-skinned potatoes in rivers of browned butter and  crumbs.

Fresh corn on the cob rolled in butter and topped with chives.

Baguette with veggie strips and dip

I’d lined the walk with candles in the sand. The tables had fresh flowers.


Angel food cake wrapped in wafers and topped with fresh strawberries or blueberries (middle picture).

We also had fresh fruit salad.

We spent much of the evening chatting around the fire.


I think it will be awhile again till we have company even though we enjoy being surrounded by friends and loved ones. I am curious if my readers have tips on hosting get-togethers. I’d love to hear from you!

Thailand Mission Trip-Photo Journey

Dear Blog Readers,

It has been a while since updating! We are currently on a missions visionary trip to Thailand. Wow, what a land!

Thailand-a land with many gods. So few who know the true God who sets people free!

Monk Chat-Buddism is one of the main religions. Well indoctrinated, well-educated, but without hope in the saving power of Jesus Christ!

My beautiful girlfriend who is currently serving the Lord in the red light district of Chiang Mai Thailand. Notice the joy and peace of the Lord in her eyes!

Ahh, this coffee haven! Each morning that I go to the coffee shop around the corner from our house, the barista’s eyes light up! The coffee above, was black enough to “walk” on! I’m sure there must be coffee in heaven, don’t you? 🙂

This lady was eagerly and aggressively selling her wares. Here she is showing off how her wooden toad croaks. Are we this interested in telling a lost world of Jesus?

Impact one life-it may change a family, a village, and/or a nation!

“At the end of broken dreams, people need the Lord!” Our sungtowl driver fell in love with Jordan. He was experiencing much difficulty in his marriage our meeting was God-ordained.

And yes it rains for it is currently rainy season! Rain also happens in the lives of missionaries. The fight against evil for the hearts and minds of the millions is REAL! “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of darkness in high places.”