My dear blog “family”,

Hello, from this winter season upon us! You will find that my blog posts have slowed to a few drops here and there! Life has been busy. I have been going through some soul-searching and questioning. Things along the line of…does blogging make a difference? Is my time spent blogging a waste?etc. as well as inner questions such as strongholds of fear and insecurity, what are the roots? etc. Freedom in Christ, prayer, blessing and the list goes on. Besides that we have done remodeling to our house. I am choosing to make a radical decision. I/we are choosing to get rid of our internet in our home for the next couple months. This will slow my blogging down to barely a trickle but right now I am raising babies for the kingdom.

I have a six-year-old girl who I’m teaching to be a young lady. A six-year-old who has an amazing vision to be a missionary nurse some day. This takes investing. I will not have her forever.

I have a small lad who is three. He’s ambitious, a pioneer  by nature. God has huge plans for this young man. But today is the day I can soothe his boo boos. Today is the day he can sit on my lap and be hugged and kissed and nurtured! In a blink he will be grown!

I’ve got a 6 month old living dolly. She is more laid back than my other two but God has a plan for her! I know because God has had His hand upon her since her conception. Medically speaking, she shouldn’t be healthy or normal but she is! She is the child who will take life as it comes resting and nurturing. She won’t always be my baby. Now I get to cuddle and comfort her but the day is quickly coming when it will take more than that to comfort her.

I have an awesome husband that I want to grow old with. This means taking time now! Time with and without our precious children. I don’t want all the children to marry and leave home and be left to live with a stranger. This means date nights now! Kisses now! Words of affirmation now! Time now!

So I’m getting rid of my internet. It won’t be easy for me because I LOVE research, pinterest, e-mail, and facebook! It is a great crutch. But now there is more important things that I need to be investing in! Things I count more important. It is like the next couple months will be like intensive care units for my little family! Then there are other things, like our church’s children ministry an hour’s drive from our house every week, our church, and friendships.

I have living souls to engage. Souls to cherish. Lives to touch and memories to make.


Moments on Marriage

This week we celebrated our eighth anniversary. In some ways it seems like yesterday that I married my best friend. In other ways, it seems as though we’ve been together forever.

We had planned to go to Olive Garden for dinner but… Kristyn had a well baby visit with the doctor at 3:45 which should have still worked out but then the doctor had to go do a delivery. In the meantime the nurses changed shifts and then we had to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy. The pharmacy kept saying they didn’t have the script and kept telling us 15 minutes. You get the picture. In the end we enjoyed a light supper at a coffee shop and then went shopping. We got home late. Then we laid in bed together and laughed!

Here is a peak into our marriage:

My husband is easygoing and more quiet and carefully thinks through ALL his decisions. He is tall and handsome with black hair. He is skinny and hard-working. On the other hand, I am a Type A personality. I am talkative and outgoing. I make spur of the moment decisions often ending up in “flying by the seat of my pants”. I love adventure. Although I am tall, I am rotund as well, very much sporting a mommy shape. By the way, don’t they say that opposites attract? We are classics, then 🙂

Being opposites can also bring tension. The key is to find ways of blessing each other’s differences. We both have some strange idiosyncracies. For example, Conrad’s showers isn’t complete till he has thoroughly rinsed off his feet before hopping out. This niggles at me especially when we are rushing to get somewhere on time. My theory is that the water has been rinsing your feet through out the whole time you were showering. My must have idiosyncracies is that I need my covers on the bed shaken out nice and straight (even if the bed was made)  before I can go to sleep otherwise I simply don’t sleep as well. Conrad thinks that the covers will get messed up sleeping in them. I tell him that after I’m gone, when he is an old man, he will stand up on the bed and shake them out just to remember me.

It’s important to find common ground in marriage. Our common ground is spiritual. We both have hearts that are hungry for God and we both have a desire to be actively involved in God’s work. When we got married, I was sure physical intimacy was going to the biggest common ground we’d have. I think that is funny now. It’s called newlywed syndrome! Physical intimacy depends on much more than just connecting bodies. We’ve found that with young children it is especially simple to pass one another by in all the busyness. And with young children, parents are often weary from lack of sleep and hard work. Some of the things we’ve enjoyed is attending seminars together, mini golfing, nature hikes, and picnics.

Marriage is very much like a garden. If you want a beautiful one, it takes HARD work. You have to invest time, money, and most of all one’s self.  Have you ever noticed how divorced and remarried couples act as if they are so in love? I’ve often thought that if they would have invested that same attention and care to their first marriage, their first marriage would still be in tact.

How will you choose to invest in the love of your life? How will you bless your soul mate today? What are your tips on keeping your marriage alive and thriving? I’d love to hear from you my readers! And if you are single, invest in the relationships around you! Some of the things that pertain to marriage also pertain to many other relationships.  


And in celebration of our anniversary and  the half-year mark of blogging, look for a GIVE AWAY in the next couple of weeks!

Got Attitude?


Had an interesting opportunity yesterday to watch another mom in action when I stopped by Good’s Store last evening. She was a middle-aged mom with two children and was obviously expecting another. In her cart, sat this two-year old little girl chirping cheerfully. Proclaiming “hi”, “good-by”, etc to anyone who would listen. If they didn’t she would continue to call out until her mom disappeared in the next aisle. What was interesting to watch was as her mother would turn the cart down an aisle after her little girl would call out, she was muttering quietly. “This is what she does all the time when we go shopping!” She was obviously stressed out from something. I saw her at the end  of an aisle in the next store making very stern faces and scolding her little girl. Now granted, I don’t have a clue what that poor woman was facing but she was being observed by those she came in touch with. What I saw,  her little girl was just being an adorable two-year old. It was eye-opening for me. What are my attitudes saying? What do people see in me? Are people drawn by my life and attitudes or pushed away?

Well, she wasn’t the only one that was struggling this week. The last couple days at our house have been full of challenges and struggles. My two-year old has been giving me quite the run for my mommyhood, so to speak. He is desiring more power and control in his life, which is typical at this stage in life. He’s been grumpy, sassing, and defiant. This made it so hard for me. I struggled to keep being cheerful and positive. I lost it a few times by returning grumpy for grumpiness, etc. There were times, I cried with him. My attitude impacted how well our days went. My  attitude impacts the children. It’s sobering that I can either love them with love of Christ, loving others at my expense drawing them to Christ. Or choice number two is to love others at their expense pushing them away from all the good. What is your choice going to be today?